What is Compounding and How is it Beneficial?

Personalized Medications Created in the Exact Strength and Dosage for Your Needs

Compounding-SpecialistsCompounding has been in existence for decades, and originally, all pharmacies were compounding pharmacies. In the past, a compounding pharmacist took on the role as both the preparer and dispenser of medications. Now, most drugs are mass manufactured, and the role of the pharmacist has changed to only dispensing medications. However, despite the changes, compounding pharmacists still continue the traditional craft of preparing Compounded medications.

Compounding pharmacies stand apart from other pharmacies in several different ways, and while general pharmacies are more common, compounding pharmacies offer more individualized attention. Compounding involves the customization of different medicines to suit individual needs and conditions.

A compounding pharmacy can help patients that have specific needs, and they offer several different medicinal options to people that need extra care. A compounding pharmacist can cater to the needs of women, men, children, and animals, and many compounding pharmacies offer pediatric and veterinarian medicinal services. Patients that require special care often include elderly patients, children, and animals, and a compounding pharmacy can ensure that all members of a family are able to safely and effectively receive their medications. For elderly patients, children, or people that cannot swallow large pills, a compounding pharmacist can offer several different delivery methods that are safe for the patient. Certain medications can be converted into syrups, powders, suppositories, troches, creams, gels, sprays, or topical medicines.

A common issue that compounding pharmacists can help with is the challenge that parents face in getting their children to take bad tasting medications. A compounding pharmacist can flavor medications to be more appealing to a child. In kids that are old enough to choose a flavor that they like, a compounding pharmacist can flavor the medication to the chosen flavor. Parents may be able to choose which flavor would be suitable for toddlers or younger children. Some of the common flavors that compounding pharmacies carry and can flavor medications with include grape, apple, watermelon, strawberry, banana, vanilla, or chocolate. Flavoring the medication can allow the child to more easily take a prescription, and it can help parents make sure their kids are getting their medicine.

Because compounding pharmacies cater to all members of a family, pets and animals can also be helped with compounded medications. Pets that include dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, or rodents and larger animals, such as monkeys, elephants, or deer can all be helped with compounded medications. Animal caretakers can also choose from a wide range of delivery methods for their pets, which may include suppositories, creams, gels, tablets, liquids, syrups, sprays, drops, powders, or pellets. A compounding pharmacist can also flavor medications to make them more animal friendly in situations where pets must take oral medications, and they may offer flavors such as alfalfa, beef, chicken, or vegetable flavors.

Men and women of all ages can receive their medications in the delivery form of their choosing with the help of a compounding pharmacist. For patients with unique health conditions, dosages and combinations of medicines can be adjusted. In aging men and women, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy can be customized to fit individual needs and imbalances, and hormones such as progesterone, estrogen, thyroid hormone, testosterone, DHEA, Human Growth Hormone, and Melatonin can all be used to help men and women balance their hormones and improve their overall quality of life.

Another outstanding feature of a compounding pharmacy is the attention to the patient and excellent customer service. Compounding pharmacists often know their patients by name and offer a warm and friendly environment to people that are wishing conveniently get their medications. Compounding pharmacies and pharmacists stand apart from commercial pharmacies through offering a complete array of services and catering to unique health conditions and preferences. Compounding is a safe and effective way for patients to get tailored compounded prescriptions.

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