Types of Compounding

Compounded medication involves customizing a prescription to fit unique needs and using more than one ingredient to make a medication. Only the highest grade ingredients are used in compounded medications, and a compounding pharmacy may specialize in different types of compounded medications. Because no two people and their health issues are alike, a compounding pharmacy can cater to the special needs of an individual to help them receive the necessary medication. Some of the types of compounding that a compounding pharmacy can offer include:

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy uses hormones that are identical in chemical and molecular structure to the hormones produced in the human body to replace deficient hormones, and a compounded bio-identical hormone prescription can help patients to have customized dosages and combination of needed hormones. Compounded bio-identical hormones can include estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, pregnenolone, Human Growth Hormone, and Melatonin, and any combination of these hormones can be tailored to fit individual needs.

Men’s Health

Men can have a variety of different needs that may become more apparent with aging, stress, and hormone decline. Common complaints that men experience with stress or aging include low libido, hair loss, and erectile dysfunction. Testosterone, which is the primary male sex hormone, often begins to decline around a man’s mid to late 30’s, 40’s, or 50’s, and low levels of this hormone can lead to a variety of symptoms, which may include mood changes, muscle atrophy, aches and pains, lower immune function, anxiety, depression, fatigue, or reduced stamina and endurance. A compounded bio-identical hormone replacement therapy prescription can help men to replace deficient testosterone and improve their overall levels of health and wellness.

Women’s Health

Compounded prescriptions can help women during any phase of their lifespan, as women often experience health issues during their reproductive years, perimenopause, and menopause. During the reproductive years, issues such as PMS, PCOS, dysmenorrhea, and irregular periods can cause a lot of discomfort. Hormone imbalances may be at the root of these issues, and a compounded bio-identical hormone replacement therapy prescription can help women to reduce the bloating, headaches, mood swings, water retention, food cravings, and cramping that occur with PMS. Compounded bio-identical hormones can also reduce the effects of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS, which causes fluid filled sacs to form on the ovaries, along with body and facial hair growth, weight gain, hair loss, and depression.

Compounded Bio-identical hormones can also help women to regulate the menstrual cycle to reduce irregular periods and cramping. Women may also be able to improve fertility because balanced hormones can help to make ovulation occur more regularly, and a compounded bio-identical hormone replacement therapy prescription can help women to improve fertility. In women, typically estrogen and progesterone fall out of balance, but a compounding pharmacist can customize a prescription to meet unique needs and imbalances.


Compounded veterinary medications can help animals and their caretakers to treat several conditions that can affect both large and small animals. A compounding pharmacy can work to treat dogs, cats, rodents, birds, fish, monkeys, elephants, horses, and other animals that become ill. Compounded prescription medications can be offered in animal friendly flavors, and they can come in a wide variety of delivery methods. Some animals are reluctant to swallow pills, and a compounding pharmacist can put a medication into the form of a suppository, cream, gel, pellet, injection, syrup, powder, or liquid in order to help an animal’s caretaker to deliver its medication.


A compounding pharmacist that specializes in dental prescription compounding can help patients to receive medications that can relieve many conditions that pertain to the teeth, gums, and the mouth. Compounded dental medications can be individualized according to the patient’s specific issue, and these medications can help men and women to remove plaques, improve canker sores, reduce anxiety, decrease pain, and treat oral ulcers. They can also help prescribe medications that prevent gum disease and offer fluoride treatments in order to keep the gums and teeth stronger and healthier.


Compounding pharmacists can help patients that are on hospice, which is when a patient is getting ready to pass on. While medications cannot reverse illnesses or other conditions in the situation of a person on hospice, they can make the person more comfortable, and they may reduce symptoms that occur when a person is at the end of his or her life. Some of the symptoms that compounded medications can improve may include bed sores, mood disorders, extreme pain, constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea.

Sports Medicine

Many athletes that play sports professionally, recreationally, or that just like to exercise a lot can encounter aches and pains. People that suffer from aches and pains or soft tissue injuries that occur in the tendons, muscles, and ligaments usually benefit from compounded topical medicines that can be spread over the site of injury of pain. Agents that reduce inflammation and pain can greatly improve the pains associated with tears and injuries.

Pain Management

Pain is one of the most common complaints and reasons why patients visit their physicians, and at some point most everyone has suffered from some form of acute or chronic pain. Acute forms of pain may occur and last up to three weeks or a month. Sometimes that are the result of an injury, or other times the pain may appear for no apparent reason. Shoulder, back, knee, and ankle pain are among the most common forms of pain, and in women, menstrual pain is another common complaint. Compounded pain medications can use high grade ingredients and the lowest possible dosages to treat different kinds of pain. Compresses, topical medicines, or oral medications may be prescribed to reduce ongoing pain.

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