Veterinary Compounding

Animals, like humans, often have health conditions that arise, and they need treatments in the form of medications to help them reduce pain, overcome an infection, or improve their health. Veterinary compounding is a service that compounding pharmacies provide that cater to the specific needs of animals. Compounding pharmacies can help patients that are responsible for caring for animals to find the right medications and dosages for an animal. They use high quality ingredients that are in alignment with a high code of ethics to provide medicine to animals. Compounding pharmacies offer several veterinary compounding services. Some of these services include:

Medications For Several Breeds of Animals

Compounding pharmacies serve several different breeds of animals, and they can find medications for horses, dogs, cats, lizards, birds, fish, or really almost any animal that is in need of medication. Each animal’s biochemistry is unique, and for this reason, compounded prescriptions are put together carefully in order to be safe and effective for the animal being treated.

Animal Friendly Flavored Medications

Many animals do not like to take bad tasting medications, and it can be difficult for an animal’s care taker to delivery their medication when the animal will not swallow it. For this reason, a compounding pharmacy offers different flavors for pets that need to take oral medicines. Some of these flavors can include beef, chicken, alfalfa, strawberry, blueberry, or lettuce. Flavoring medications a certain way can help pets to receive their oral medications, which can in some cases, save their lives.

Multiple Delivery Methods

Compounding pharmacists offer multiple delivery methods for animals that cannot swallow medications, and they may offer suppositories, creams, gels, pellets, troches, drops, or injections. These different delivery methods can allow animals to get the medications that they need to improve their health and reduce their health issues.

Medications For Several Different Ailments

Animals can fall ill from a variety of different issues, and they can have a variety of needs due to these different ailments. Illnesses such as gastrointestinal disorders, allergies, eye infections, back injuries, and knee problems can be helped with compounded medications. A compounding pharmacy is prepared to handle these varied needs and can help people and animals to get the right medication for a common or rare ailment. Compounding pharmacies can help to quickly and conveniently serve the needs of animals and their caretakers.

High Quality Substances

Compounding pharmacies only offer medications that are made with the finest ingredients, and they do not cut corners by providing cheaply made or toxic substances to animals or humans. They operate in accordance with the highest code of ethics, and they can work to make sure that animals receive substances that will achieve a beneficial therapeutic affect that is specific to the animal’s age, size, and ailment.

Compounded veterinary medicines have helped many pets, animals, and caretakers to easily and conveniently receive their prescription medications. Countless individuals have been helped with compounded prescriptions and the expertise of a compounding pharmacist.

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