Common Questions About Compounding Services

Learn About the History of Compounding Pharmacies and How They Can Benefit You

Compounding pharmacies were actually the first kind of pharmacies, and they have been around since the beginning of pharmaceuticals. Originally, all pharmacies were compounding pharmacies, and medications were made specifically at the pharmacy from the best ingredients and were dispensed to patients that were ill. Compounding pharmacies are still in existence, but they have many differences from other pharmacies. These pharmacies are able to serve every member of the family, no matter what age or species. Most women and men find great satisfaction in receiving their medications from a Compounding Pharmacy because of its unique characteristics.

What is compounding?

Compounding pharmacies have been around for last century, but they have become less common due to the commercialization of the pharmaceutical industry. Compounding pharmacies can alter medications, which involves the customization of certain medicines to meet specific and unique needs that other pharmacies cannot fulfill due to limited training or resources. Compounding pharmacies are able to go above and beyond other pharmacies because they are prepared to provide multiple delivery forms and specialized medications for children, pets, and elderly patients.

Why would a patient choose a compounding pharmacy over a commercial pharmacy?

Commercial pharmacies can provide patients with the usual forms and dosages of prescriptions, but they also have a one-size-fits-all approach. For example, if a person needs a specific medication but cannot swallow, a compounding pharmacy would be able to put the medication in another form, such as a powder, suppository, or cream in order to allow the person to receive the medication. Compounding pharmacies also tend to be more personable and usually know their patients on a first name basis. At a compounding pharmacy patients can receive their medications in a warm and friendly environment.

How are compounding pharmacists different from other pharmacists?

Both compounding pharmacists and general pharmacists have had extensive education; however, a compounding pharmacist has received advanced training in the art of customizing medications to meet patients’ needs. They are able to offer several different delivery methods to patients, which may include gels, creams, pellets, oral tablets, troches, suppositories, chewable tablets, or injections. Compounding pharmacists are familiar with many different illnesses, which allow them to be able to dose medications accordingly.

Can all pharmacies compound medication?

All pharmacies cannot compound medication because they may not have the resources or training to change the dosages or forms of the medications. When changing forms of medications, the potency and dosages must also be adjusted, and this must be accurate in order to be safe for the patient’s health. Compounding pharmacists have had training that can allow them to customize medications and cater to specific patient needs.

Is the quality between compounded medications and other pharmaceuticals equal?

Originally, pharmacists not only dispensed medications, but they collected the ingredients to make the medicines. Now, medicines are made by large manufacturers from different types of ingredients, but compounding pharmacies go above and beyond to make sure that they have only chosen medicines with high quality components to dispense to patients. Patients can receive medications that are made with the finest ingredients, which can help to reduce side effects and lower the toxic effect on the liver from certain medications.

What if a parent has a child that will not take their medication because it tastes bad?

Compounding pharmacies can convert certain medicines into a form that is friendly for children of all ages, and it can offer multiple different flavors to children. A compounding pharmacist can offer flavors such as cherry, bubble gum, grape, watermelon, banana, orange, or other flavors to help parents get their kids to take their medication. This can help both parents and children to conveniently overcome the challenges of certain illnesses and medicines.

What happens if the family pet becomes ill and needs specialized medication?

Luckily, most compounding pharmacies offer prescription medication for several different animals, and they can work in accordance with a veterinarian to meet the needs of pets. Not all commercial pharmacies serve animals, but compounding pharmacies can get specific medication and put it in different forms to help animals ingest the medications. They can also offer different ideas to patients as to how to get the animal to swallow medicine that is in an oral form.

What are the benefits of going to a compounding pharmacy?

There are multiple benefits to choosing a compounding pharmacy, and some of these benefits include personalized prescriptions, excellent customer service, and attention to detail. Patients can get medications for all members of the family, and they can have their specific needs met. Compounding pharmacies offer multiple delivery methods and flavors of medication for children or adults. At a compounding pharmacy, patients may also be able to get medicine that is no longer available or on the market. Sometimes, patients are prescribed medicines that are no longer offered but that are pertinent to a person’s health conditions, and a compounding pharmacy can work with both patients and providers to make sure that patients get the medication that is needed to restore their health .

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